Expertise without

Providing the best possible care requires constant learning and innovation. Now you can connect to expertise anytime, anywhere, sharing information back and forth faster than it’s ever been shared before.

Put the network to work

For physicians

Never be alone in the procedure room again. Reach out to other physicians or industry professionals at a moment’s notice. Learn new techniques and share them seamlessly. Plus, boost recognition within your clinical specialty.

For institutions

Avail keeps your teams connected, so you can standardize care. Improve procedural efficiencies. And ultimately, grow awareness of your institution’s capabilities.

Outpatient facilities

Differentiate your site of care; train and onboard staff; introduce new technologies and procedures; connect with referral sources; and collaborate with remote physicians, institutions, and medical device industry support teams.

Community hospitals and rural institutions

Connect to expertise in other parts of the country. Accelerate adoption of new technologies and procedures. Collaborate with industry reps when they aren’t able to provide in-person assistance.

Healthcare systems

Improve training and collaboration within the system. Standardize care and increase efficiencies. Broadcast system capabilities and expand awareness of your facility’s capabilities.

Access challenges

Healthcare providers and industry partners worldwide are being impacted by quarantine requirements, illness, and staff shortages. Be prepared to manage the unexpected.

SOC 2 Type 2 & HIPAA-HITECH protected

Integrates seamlessly with existing modalities, technology, and surgical disciplines

Mobile console moves easily into multiple rooms

No capital equipment purchase required

Connect and collaborate seamlessly. Share and receive expertise instantly and more often without leaving your practice. Build awareness and promote your institution by showcasing your capabilities.

Educate and collaborate within your specialty:

Broadcast to physicians and industry around the world

Share expertise for different patient populations

Expedite adoption of new technologies and techniques

Provide remote proctoring

Partner with industry:

Collaborate on new products and procedures without leaving your practice

Receive product support and case coverage on-demand

Differentiate your institution:

Promote the capabilities of your institution

Speak to your referral network

Showcase areas of specialty to new patients

Standardize care among your hospital system:

Provide intra-system training

Enable collaboration/proctoring among facilities within system

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Livestreams from the operating room fill medicine’s education gap

See how this trend is impacting the medical field, offering physicians, fellows, residents, students, and industry a richer educational environment than ever before.

For industry professionals

Be there for customers—even when you can’t be in person. Engage more prospects more easily. Reduce travel and make the most of every minute.