Navigating Access Challenges

Navigating access challenges

Healthcare providers and medical device representatives worldwide are being impacted by quarantine requirements, illness, and the resulting staff shortages. As a result, collaborative care and meaningful interactions between providers and industry partners have been disrupted.

Be more prepared to manage the unexpected.

Maintain access to procedure rooms with the Avail surgical telepresence platform. Connect remotely from a laptop or iPad to our extensive network. Expand your reach and get started today.

Uphold case coverage commitments and cover unplanned cases from anywhere

Feel confident in planning proctorships and educational events without fear of access disruptions

Train industry partners and physician colleagues on the latest technology and products while avoiding travel and crowded procedure rooms 

The Avail surgical telepresence platform eliminates the barriers to collaboration, connecting people, knowledge, expertise, and technology like never before.

Customer Stories

Sick cardiac rep covers ablation case

In CA, a device rep was tapped to cover an ablation case to support his colleague who had overlapping cases to cover. This rep, however, had been sick and was not cleared to return to in-person work. Through Avail, he was able to cover the ablation case from home.

Physician from Brazil learns new procedure

A physician was flying to the U.S. to learn a life-changing procedure. Mid-flight, he was informed that the hospital had restricted visitors due to COVID-19. Using Avail, he could still observe and participate in the live procedure, bringing him one step closer to adoption.

Rotating physician teams proctor live cases

The interventional cardiology team at Wellspan York Hospital (PA) took turns quarantining to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Dr. James Harvey and his partner, specializing in different procedures, took turns at home, covered all cases successfully, and limited exposure to teams.

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