Avail Medsystems Launches “Avail Portal” For Procedural TelemedicineTM Collaboration

Avail Portal provides medical industry experts and physicians seamless access to remote collaboration, while further supporting Industry with tools to transform their business

PALO ALTO, Calif. (August 13, 2020) — Avail Medsystems, a medical technology company pioneering telemedicine for the procedure room (“Procedural TelemedicineTM”), today announced the launch of the Avail Portal. The Avail Portal builds on Avail’s Procedural TelemedicineTM System, which allows healthcare professionals and medical industry advisors to share expertise remotely via advanced audio/video technology and an intuitive user experience built for mobility. With the Avail Portal, medical device representatives, physicians and surgeons can now access procedure rooms, schedule, and communicate directly via the Avail Network anytime – from anywhere to anywhere – through a secure, web-based interface.

Over the past three years, Avail has leveraged more than 400 years of combined medical technology development, sales and marketing experience to create its Procedural TelemedicineTM System, so industry experts and healthcare professionals can provide support, train and share knowledge during live procedures –  from anywhere. Now, as the COVID-19 pandemic compels healthcare providers to limit in-person procedure support, Avail’s purpose-built solution has become a tool of necessity enabling care providers, and the experts who support them, to continue collaborating during medical procedures regardless of location.

The launch of the Avail Portal enhances the capabilities of Avail’s growing networkof medical industry experts and physicians providing location-independent access to medical expertise, training and procedure support. The secure Portal, accessible via log-in on Avail.io, allows System users to easily manage schedules, update availability in real-time and collaborate at the click of a button. The Portal also provides tools to support medical device representatives, particularly those in the field, to better run their remote activities and ultimately their business, including the ability to manage relationships, track historical utilization and improve time management. Avail will continue to enhance the Portal functionality to allow medical device field teams to fully manage their remote activities, and benefit from advanced business intelligence and analytics. The Portal accompanies the release of additional System enhancements including upgrades to the high-definition pan-tilt-zoom cameras, enhanced audio, a larger Console monitor and user interface improvements to the Remote App.

“We built the Avail System and Procedural TelemedicineTM network to remove barriers to in-person procedure support and training,” said Avail Medsystems CEO Daniel Hawkins. “The benefits for industry experts, medical device representatives, physicians and surgeons are clear. Together, the Avail System and the Portal will improve access to expertise, save time and more quickly and efficiently enable the adoption of new medical technologies and the advancement of progressive medical techniques. The launch of the Avail Portal is the next step in our mission to provide universal access to clinical and procedural expertise, regardless of location.”

For more information about the Avail System and Portal, visit Avail.io.


About Avail Medsystems

Avail Medsystems is a pioneering medical technology company that removes the barriers of in-person medical procedure collaboration. With a customer-centric business model, Avail’s purpose-built Procedural TelemedicineTM technology digitizes physical presence and enables on-the-go, HIPAA compliant collaboration among a network of healthcare professionals and industry experts.

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