Avail Medsystems as Keynote at the LSI USA 2023 Emerging Medtech Summit

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – March 16, 2023 – Avail, the digital hub of the operating room (OR) enabling the medical technology (MedTech) and healthcare industries to work smarter together to advance patient care, announced today that Daniel Hawkins, CEO of Avail Medsystems, will participate in a keynote panel session at Life Science Intelligence’s (LSI) Emerging MedTech Summit USA 2023. Daniel will be alongside Frederic Moll, M.D., current Chief Development Officer at Johnson & Johnson and widely recognized as “the father of robotic surgery.” The two will discuss the Evolution of the Digital Operating Room, and how a platform in the OR is needed to enable the digital transformation to extend beyond robotics.

Presentation Information:

  • Keynote Session Title: Evolution of the Digital Operating Room
  • Speakers: Panelist Daniel Hawkins (CEO of Avail Medsystems); Panelist Frederic Moll (Chief Development Officer, Johnson & Johnson); Moderator Henry Peck (VP, Strategy & Growth, LSI)
  • Session Information: Keynote event on March 22, 2023, at 8:05am (Track 2) in Dana Point, California
  • Registration and more information: lifesciencemarketresearch.com/medtech-summit-2023

Hawkins was the first non-technical hire at Intuitive Surgical, the company that developed the most prominently available multipurpose robotic surgery system, and he worked closely with Moll as co-founder of the company. During the LSI panel discussion, the two will discuss the possibilities of enhanced clinical capabilities when the operating room digitizes beyond robotics.  Topics will include how a computing platform for the OR can address limiting factors, such as costs and increased complexity, while enabling OR’s to reach the enhanced capabilities possible through digitization.

“Robotics introduces important clinical capability that often comes with substantial complexity necessitating increased collaboration to effectively manage procedural workflows,” stated Moll. “This complexity can also require additional support from industry. The need for increased collaboration by clinical teams and industry can be facilitated today by telepresence.”

Avail is a complete telepresence system and is built on a foundation of purpose-built hardware placed in facilities without capital cost.  The hardware is designed to be a computing platform in the OR, enabling remote physicians and the MedTech industry to be virtually present in operating or procedure rooms and serving as a host to an array of digital tools. Clinical teams can invite remote healthcare providers and medical device experts to learn, share knowledge, collaborate, and provide product expertise by joining live procedures audibly and visually and sharing access to the digital tools.

“The MedTech industry is at a crossroads of sorts where it must reinvent legacy processes to better support the increased capability and complexity inherent in surgical robotics and digital OR enablement,” stated Hawkins. “Avail connects a network of procedure rooms with remote medical professionals, enabling clinical teams to collaborate and therefore better leverage the latest digital tools. Fred and I look forward to sharing our thoughts and observations on these important topics at this year’s Emerging MedTech Summit and appreciate LSI inviting us to participate in the event.”

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About Avail Medsystems

Avail enables the MedTech industry and healthcare providers to work together more often and more efficiently, harnessing expertise and technology in and out of the OR to accelerate the innovation, adoption, and reach of tools and techniques to improve patient care. Avail does this by placing a consistent, mobile, hardware platform with integrated software into operating rooms, audibly and visually connecting remote participants and serving as the hub for advanced digital capabilities including AI and machine learning, in a secure cloud-based digital telepresence network. Today, 50 MedTech organizations have contracted with Avail to rethink commercial models, reduce inefficiencies, and enhance the reach and timeliness of collaboration. Avail was founded in 2017 by MedTech veterans with a vision to leverage Silicon Valley technology expertise to evolve the industry and enable MedTech and healthcare to deliver the best care possible. Avail.io

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