Avail Medsystems and Biomodex Join Forces to Expand Access to Virtual Medical Education

Partnership Helps Promote New Skills & Collaboration Through Live Broadcasting of Physician Training and Rehearsals Using Biomodex’s Biorealistic Haptic Simulators

SANTA CLARA, Calif. and BOSTON, Mass. – September 16, 2021 – Avail Medsystems, whose audio/video technology fosters medical education and cooperation through live interactive broadcasts from the operating room, and BIOMODEX®, the leader in biorealistic haptic simulators for physician training and rehearsals, have announced a new collaboration that takes virtual medical education to the next level.

The partnership will enable physician groups, health systems, device companies, and others in the medical community to expand their interactive education programs to include live-streamed rehearsals and training programs involving Biomodex technology.

“Biomodex and Avail Medsystems are teaming up to create new ways for physicians, representatives, and device engineers to teach, learn, and ultimately better serve patients,” said Ziad Rouag, Biomodex president and CEO. “We are excited to combine the unique abilities of our two organizations to help redefine physician training and accommodate the needs of busy physicians and device representatives.”

Across the field, healthcare stakeholders are eager to adopt emerging medical devices and gain experience using new techniques and procedures but are hampered by time constraints and a lack of training opportunities, especially those that provide realistic, hands-on experience. By live-streaming physician rehearsals that involve Biomodex’s biorealistic 3D models, experts can invite their colleagues to learn along with them as they use life-like simulators to find the most effective strategies before working with patients.

“The ability to broadcast Biomodex simulations anywhere, anytime at the click of a button is a powerful addition to our services,” said Avail CEO Daniel Hawkins. “An increasing number of health care institutions and medical schools are now using the company’s biorealistic haptic simulators because they replicate all aspects of the real-world experience for physicians. Live-streaming Biomodex rehearsals and training sessions will enable learners to immerse themselves virtually as physicians practice new techniques and test devices in a risk-free environment. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to expand access to even more great learning opportunities.”

About Avail Medsystems

Avail Medsystems is a pioneering technology company designed to seamlessly connect operating physicians and surgeons to remote experts and device industry representatives to facilitate collaboration during medical procedures. Avail’s immersive hardware and software platform enables instant HIPAA-HITECH protected two-way audio/visual communication including high-definition video and surgical imaging views and telestration capabilities, is offered through a SaaS-based pricing model without a capital equipment purchase and includes a comprehensive approach to service and support. For more information about Avail Medsystems visit Avail.io.

About Biomodex
BIOMODEX® is a Boston and Paris-based medical technology company whose mission is to transform the way physicians train and rehearse procedures. The company 3D prints anatomical models using advanced materials that provide biorealistic haptic feedback. The next-generation biorealistic haptic simulators are fully customizable and integrate with a patented blood flow system and intraprocedural imaging tools such as TEE and ICE, enabling clinicians to gain life-like experience to advance skill sets and promote the adoption of new medical devices or techniques in their pursuit of improving patient outcomes. For more information on Biomodex’s biorealistic hapic simulators visit www.biomodex.com.


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