Avail Medsystems Adds New Capability to Host Third-Party Clinical Software Applications In the Operating Room As Part of Several Platform Enhancements

Platform enhancements unlock the future of healthcare software innovation for operating rooms and strengthen collaboration among medical professionals

SANTA CLARA, Calif. October 17, 2023 Avail, the digital hub of the operating room (OR) enabling the medical technology (MedTech) and healthcare industries to work smarter together to advance patient care, announced today that it has successfully launched several significant enhancements to its hardware/software telepresence platform, including a new capability to serve as an application (app) platform in the OR. This new capability enables medical professionals and surgical teams to collaborate during procedures remotely while leveraging the latest innovations in healthcare software including applications utilizing machine learning, AI, and workflow process software. Avail also announced significant upgrades to its software used by medical professionals outside the OR to join procedures virtually from anywhere, expanding their ability to connect and collaborate with surgical teams.

Through a partnership with ORtelligence, the ORtelligence Rep+™ software is now available to surgical teams and MedTech professionals collaborating via the Avail platform. Rep+ is a surgical software process solution that connects ORs to MedTech industry expertise and facilitates the delivery of support and training to surgical teams, even when representatives are not physically present in the OR. The software delivers on-demand virtual expertise with support for instrument identification, location and usage instruction.

Rep+ marks the first third-party software application available through Avail, which will grow with a library of curated cloud and/or locally based software applications that are designed to provide opportunities to enhance surgical procedures and deliver efficiencies for device manufacturers, physicians, and patients. Future third-party applications available via the Avail System platform may include workflow software, machine learning, AI applications, Software as a Medical Device (SaMD), or software that partners with smart devices. These applications will be able to leverage the cameras, audio, monitor and computing on the Avail console without the need for their own additional equipment.

“We’ve heard from customers that third-party software hosting capabilities within the Avail platform would improve the ability for MedTech and healthcare to combine human and technological capabilities in the OR,” said Daniel Hawkins, Chief Executive Officer of Avail. “Today is an exciting first step for Avail to be that conduit for the rapidly growing industry of clinical- and process-flow-driven software that will enhance clinical competencies and improve efficiencies in the OR.”

“When selecting a partner for Rep+, it was important for us to identify a technology that would provide a reliably high-quality and repeatable experience for our MedTech customers regardless of location,” said Tim Donnelly, founder and Chief Executive Officer of ORtelligence. “We selected Avail for its unique, complete telepresence technology and our shared mission to connect surgical teams with the best available information, expertise and latest technologies. It’s an exciting time for the digital operating room, and we’re looking forward to bringing these technologies to more surgeons and patients.”

In addition to the launch of its app platform for the operating room, Avail launched upgraded software for those joining procedures from their laptops, including enhanced telestration tools, greater visibility of the surgical field, and optimized workflow for an improved user experience.

“Avail’s expert digital technology and product team and our Silicon Valley technology solution mindsets allow us to deliver ongoing innovation, giving our customers access to the latest technologies to provide the best possible care for patients,” said James Domine, Chief Technology Officer of Avail. “We’re committed to understanding and anticipating our customers’ needs, and these enhancements have been met with overwhelmingly positive feedback. We continue to deliver innovations at the forefront of digital healthcare, and we’re excited about what’s next on our product roadmap.”

Avail offers a complete hardware and software telepresence system built for the OR that provides a reliable, consistent, and secure conduit for third-party software applications, such as the Rep+ application. Avail’s platform enables connectivity to third-party applications through:

  • Consistent proprietary hardware in the operating room
  • Edge and cloud computing with a secure ethernet connection, allowing users to leverage software from the cloud
  • Hardware with inputs including video cameras, audio, and surgical imaging modalities, in addition to a large monitor displaying software

About Avail Medsystems

Avail enables the MedTech industry and healthcare providers to work together more often and more efficiently, harnessing expertise and technology in and out of the OR to accelerate the innovation, adoption, and reach of tools and techniques to improve patient care. Avail does this by placing a consistent, mobile, hardware platform with integrated software into operating rooms, audibly and visually connecting remote participants and serving as the hub for advanced digital capabilities including AI and machine learning, in a secure cloud-based digital telepresence network. Today, 50 MedTech organizations have contracted with Avail to rethink commercial models, reduce inefficiencies, and enhance the reach and timeliness of collaboration. Avail was founded in 2017 by MedTech veterans with a vision to leverage Silicon Valley technology expertise to evolve the industry and enable MedTech and healthcare to deliver the best care possible.

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