Learning Center #2

Learning Center

We are here to support you every step of the way. Get up and running on the Avail surgical telepresence network by completing the modules under “Getting Started.” Return to the Learning Center via the Avail Portal at any time to access all the essential information and links quickly.

1. Device Setup

Start here! Let’s begin by ensuring your devices are compatible and set up with the Avail System.

2. Remote User Training

After device setup, learn to use the Avail System and collaboration features as the remote expert.

3. Facility Overview

Ready to collaborate? Complete this final module to understand the facility user experience and the Avail console.

4. Test Drive

Before receiving your first call, sign up for a personalized 30 min demo of the Avail System in a mock OR environment.

Remote User Guide

Learn how to use the Avail Console as a remote user.

Facility Guide

Best practices for setting up the Avail Console.

Remote & Facility User Audio Guide

Optimize your audio experience when using the Avail Console.

Facility Instructional Video

Avail Portal Instructional Video

Coming Soon

Case Planning Sheet

Prepare to cover a case using the Avail System.

Remote User Interface App

Keep this handout available to stay familiarized with the tools available on the Remote User Interface during cases.

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