Physicians and MedTech Engineers Use Avail to Collaborate During Product Design


Avail is giving MedTech engineers the opportunity to watch live procedures and to actively collaborate with the surgeons performing them. This is a win-win for both sides of the industry: surgeons get to give their feedback on the tools they’re using and MedTech engineers get to design more advanced technology to more closely match physicians’ needs.

Dr. Mary Costantino of Portland, Oregon-based Advanced Vascular Centers recently shared her experience using Avail to broadcast procedures to device engineers.

“Avail Medsystems enabled us to broadcast two cases to engineers and device developers, both in and outside of the US,” says Dr. Costantino. “This opens up the ability of device thinkers, creators, and developers to know what it’s actually like inside of the lab – a unique look for these folks, but surely will contribute to better design.”

When physicians get to actively collaborate with MedTech engineers, everybody wins.