MedTech Reps Use Avail to Cover Emergent Cases at Remote Accounts

Avail is putting MedTech reps into the procedure room when they’re not able to be there in person. This is often the case with remote sites like Havasu Regional Medical Center in Arizona. Many of Havasu’s MechTech reps are located hundreds of miles away. In an emergency, procedures can’t wait two to three hours for a MedTech rep to make it on site.

In the past, medical teams were forced to use FaceTime to bring a MedTech rep into the room. The calls could only produce shaky images, distracting background noise, and inefficient views. Iphones are simply not designed for use in intricate medical procedures.

Now Havasu Regional Medical Center uses Avail for these emergent cases. In one of their first Avail cases, a patient arrived with peripheral artery disease (PAD). The team immediately logged onto their Avail Medsystem and within seconds their MedTech device rep was taking remote control of the camera from where he was based nearly 200 miles away.

The 30x zoom magnification and bi-directional audio and visual allowed the rep to see exactly what he needed. With the rep controlling the camera, the medical team was able to keep their hands free so they could focus all of their attention on the patient. Every member on the team was able to operate at maximum efficiency.

Since that emergent case, using Avail has been a no-brainer. The medical team is able to get a MedTech rep in the room within seconds, and the reps are able to be there for their accounts every time.